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So how is my playing for Jason? Do you have any questions about his background or why he does what he does? Want to just plot and you can't seem to get ahold of me on AIM? Want to play someone from his canon and need information? ohgodohpleasethatwouldbeawesomeandiwouldloveyouforever

Any of those things just leave me a note here. I don't mind concrit at all, Jason and his world are both works in progress so hit me up!

Anon is ON and IP logging is OFF so you have no excuse not to use this.
Come here boy, I got a little somethin' for yaCollapse )
[Jason heads inside his room and waits for Andrew to follow him in. He almost immediately starts to undo his shirt]

I do hope you like to bite as much as you used to, Mr. Ryan.
[The PCD comes on, showing a thin man with long blonde hair. He's looking in the direction of the screen, but not really at the screen, the reason why evidenced by a pair of starkly white eyes.]

[He sounds nervous when he speaks, wary and at the same time excited]

Did I finally get this thing turned on?

Hello? Is, is anyone there?

[He licks his lips nervously]

I really hope I just haven't finally cracked or something.
Jason has both empathy (the ability to read emotions) and psychometry (the ability to see the history of an object when he touches it.) I won't be abusing these powers, but I do need to both 1)get permission for him to read or not read your character as appropriate and 2)as far as the psychometry goes, what would he see if he were to touch certain objects? I don't need anything comprehensive, just the general important stuff. Don't want him to read anything from your character's stuff? Tell me that too, and his powers will just go on the fritz around your character and their stuff. Just fill out the little form below and leave it in a comment and thanks!

Empathy works: Yes or No
Psychometry works: Yes or No
Major events he may see:
The more that I saw, The further I'd fall, The further I'd fall, The lower I'd crawlCollapse )